About Ancient Goat

Our products are hand-crafted in small batches with identity preserved, cruelty-free ingredients of the highest quality.  We formulate all of our creations with the highest active ingredient content possible to achieve the desired intention. They are colored with natural clays, roots, flowers and spices, while scented cleanly with essential oils, phthalate and nitro musk free fragrances. 

Ancient Goat curates a clean circle of identity preserved products from farm to suds. We create clean soap by carefully sourcing our ingredients globally, from companies who we feel produce the highest quality products while maintaining an equally high standard of ethical business practices.  The milk we use comes locally, from small family owned, East Tennessee ‘happy goat’ farms; the kasu, from our local sake distillery in Asheville, NC.  Colored with natural clays, roots, flowers and spices, while scented cleanly with essential oils, phthalate and nitro musk free fragrances, we creatively combine these ingredients in small batch formulas with specific intentions, designed for their healing effects; cleansing the body and pleasing senses.  Our products are contained in reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging, (NO PLASTICS) leaving a clean earth, and a clean mind.

Why the name Ancient Goat?
Kat’s long career as an art teacher and love of art history led her to an affinity for Native American art and culture. While meditating on what to call her increasingly popular goat milk soap, other than ‘Kat’s soap’; her question was answered in a powerful moment of self proclaimed “divine inspiration”. The petroglyphs of Newspaper Rock in Utah appeared in her consciousness, hearing a voice “Ancient Goat”. In this moment, ‘The Goat’ was born, and the rest is history.

Always on the search for the best skincare products, Kat began reading the labels of mainstream expensive soaps and other body products. Deciding  to embark on a journey of research to discover what makes the best products and why, she became dismayed by the long lists of potentially harmful chemicals  contained in these products.
Memories of helping her grandmother make everything by hand began to surface, and it felt fitting to honor this memory and take things into her own hands. So out of concern for her own health, and that of her family, “mermaid’s circle” of friends, fellow teachers; she decided to start making and giving them soap. Now, with a following around Knoxville, and an unsustainable hobby on a teacher’s salary, she set her sights on selling her creations and paying back her student loans. Throughout artisan markets across the Southeastern US, news of ‘The Goat’ began to spread and the  following continued to grow, and this passion ended up paying off her student loans.